Thursday 14 April 2011

How to prepare yourself for sales exhibition

If you are preparing to participate in your first sales exhibition, here are some tips that might be helpful.

  • * Prepare the number of articles according to organizers regulations, but have few extra on stock so you could fill up the blank space when you sell something.
  • * Carefully check your work, it represents you as an author and you want your customers to buy from you again in the future. When it comes to jewelry, it is important that is neatly, quality and firmly made (you don't want it to fall apart while wearing), without sharp ends that could scratch skin or damage clothes, etc.
  • * Make an article list with items numbers and prices. One copy give to organizer and one leave for yourself.
  • * Buy labels where you can put your name/nickname, item number and price (they should match your article list)
  • * Make business cards so you can give them with sold items and other people interested in your work.
  • * Start a blog or a web page where you will present your work so if someone recommends you to a friend etc. they can check your gallery online.
  • * Buy paper bags, organza pouches, zip lock bags or decorated boxes for packing your articles.
  • * Check with the organizer if he provides displays or you have to get them yourself.
  • * If you are the only one exhibiting, for jewelry you will need displays, canvas, and a sign with your name/nickname and logo.
  • * Get lighting equipment, jewelry requires good quality light, especially indoors and after dark if you are exhibiting outdoors.
  • * Be there, you are the one best qualified to present your work, describe materials, techniques, etc.
  • * Be informed of materials you use. If someone asks about, e.g. of which stone is certain piece made, and what are it's features (many people are interested in an effect crystals have on our body, or which one matches our horoscope sign), you, as an author should know this so you'd be able to offer to buyer what he needs.

If you are an experienced exhibitor, feel free to fill up the list with tips I forgot to mention.

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