Monday, 24 October 2011


As I mentioned before, photography is my second love. Though I neglected it lately, after enjoying looking through so much wonderful work at the exhibition I told you about in my last post, I choose to use most of the sunny Sunday and took few shots of Zagreb's Upper town and Kaptol.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Croatian Creative Forces

My hubby is recently occupied with airsoft, military tactics and so on...thus the title of this post, but here is where the connection ends :D

Past Sunday I visited an interesting happening in Zagreb. Young people organized an exhibition/fair, gathering people who make handmade products mostly in their free time.
The space they choose was once a small movie theater. Since it's their first attempt in organizing this kind of event, I'm inclined to overlook the lapses, but some were to great not to mention, e.g. there was no poster at the entrance informing people passing by that in there something interesting is happening.
It was such a beautiful sunny day, here in Zagreb, people often roam the streets enjoying their walks, meeting friends for a coffee, there is a church nearby... lots of possible visitors uninformed about the event... Result was that most of the people there were friends of the ones who exhibited and therefor the sales were scarce.
The lightning was poor, and the place itself was to small to explore freely exhibits without bumping other people or standing in the way.

Here is the positive side of it all, people and their handmade work ;)

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