About me...

Well, what to say? It was always hard for me to write about myself in a way that the result wouldn't sound like a CV for a job application :)

I am a typically stubborn Aries who is still waiting for all the ambition, iron self-control and champion tendencies within herself to kick in :D

I live in my special world where there is no politics, economy, wars, hatred... only love, friends, family, creativity, imagination, happiness, joy of life and everything it brings to us.

Ok, so you get the picture, I am an incurable optimist :D

Creativity was my getaway from an early age... poetry, painting, designing clothes, photography and finally jewelry making in which I found myself and devoted to it most of my free time (I still have my day job, but maybe someday I'll get a chance to make a living out of my hobby).

I'm a passionate reader, when I get a hold of a book, I can't drop it until those last two words I always hate so much "The End".

Music is something that can always lift me when I'm down and my favorites are Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Queen, B.B. King...

Fantasy world and nature are my greatest source of inspiration, which shows pretty much on my designs.

I think this is basically it :D

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Imaginarium Outreach said...

Hi there! I just wanted to pop in and say thank you. :) I'm very new to jewelry making and had great success in my learning with your wonderful tutorials. Thank you so much for making them available to people like me. I wish you the best!
Amarillo, Texas, USA

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